Bringing the design and R&D capabilities from Taiwan, Team TDIS challenges the SDE prizes again with its integrated future living solution “1 House for All”.

As the only team representing Taiwan, the Team Transdisciplinary Design Innovation Shop (Team TDIS) from National Yang Ming Chiao Tung University (NYCU) was selected as one of the 18 teams to compete against each other in the “Solar Decathlon Europe 2021” around the world. Due to the shipping schedule, all of the materials, tools and the house demonstration unit (HDU), which is mainly structured with Taiwan-made wood, was set o to Germany at the end of March. After the press conference in early May, Team TDIS will bring the design and R&D capabilities from Taiwan to Europe, to challenge the prizes of this grand event again.

“What the Taiwan team brings to the world is a new vision of green industry emerging from the East. Using low-carbon building materials such as local wood, plastic and steel to promote the material good cycle of the future city, it creates a brilliant option for human and nature to co-exist and live together.”

 – Prof. C. David Tseng
the faculty advisor of Team TDIS

In Taiwan, 80% of our population lives in the city, where 70% of its buildings are older than its life-cycle assessment of 35 years. Though urban regeneration is urgent, the average time of the process takes as long as 20 years. The land in waiting becomes gaps in the city, while the elders and young families just could not afford the skyhigh housing and had to live in cramped conditions. “How could we make a change for all?” Team TDIS believes that good designs are the sincere response to people’s true needs, and are best done by transdisciplinary teamwork. The team proposes an integrated solution “1 House for All” that could be replicated in different urban site conditions and respond to diverse group’s needs. In brief, “1 House for All” means Net Zero Mid-way Houses, but also Social Enterprise-Housing, and Energy-Efficient Sharing Stations in the city. With sustainability in heart, we hope to push the energy transformation and low-carbon urban renewal in the city from aspects of design, construction, and operation altogether. We believe this can solve the three major obstacles of moving towards sustainability: Energy Over-consumption, Inefficient Urban Renewal, and Housing Injustice.

To elaborate, the house will be built with durable and reusable CLT and thermal resistant materials with circular design. Secondly, for direct generations of inhabitants, “1 House for All” will be operated under a social enterprise business model as a self-sustaining social housing. Finally, to make the best of current space and energy, “1 House for All” will also be energy-ecient sharing stations.

In January 2021, “1 House for All” was selected by the SDE judges as a one of the “Living Labs”. It is an unprecedented project by SDE 21/22: the house in competition will remain on the original site from July 2022 to September 2025 in Wutterpal, Germany, after the competition. Our house will be an exchange platform between Taiwan and Germany, continuing to demonstrate Taiwan’s creative designs, sustainability concept, and manufacturing techniques which established us as a key-holder in the global green building field.
In addition to being favored by the SDE judges, “1 House for All” has also received media attention and was exposed in the latest episode (No.117) of Orchina magazine. The core theme of this episode was “Harmony and Co-prosperity between Mankind and Nature”. In addition, the project manager Sheng-Kai TSENG was invited to be interviewed to share the past achievements of TDIS and “1 House for All” on IC975. It is a radio station and has been recognized several times by the GBA (Golden Bell Awards, the highest goal pursued by Taiwan entertainers and media organizations).

To spread the seeds of sustainability, Team TDIS has been actively hosting communication events to deliver the concept of sustainable and smart future housing scenarios. The team has successfully delivered the significance of SDE and green building among interested general public, universities, and students of all ages. To raise social awareness, the team cooperated with “Society of Wilderness”, the most influential green action NGO in Taiwan, to hold an online lecture. Over a hundred people attended and left lots of passionate feedback. Also, the project manager gave a talk on “SDGs Webinar” to pass the sustainable thinking to more research teams. For high school and college students, the team gave lecture series and on- site learning tours. Last but not the least, the team held a creative energy education workshop, “Little Green Fighters on a Mission,” for a local elementary school and has received good feedback from both the kids, the parents and the teacher.

We could not have achieved anything without the support of our prestigious partners. They are: Forestry Bureau C.O.A, National Taiwan University Experimental Forest, Tung Ho Steel Enterprise Corp., Excellentechnik Inc., Chungan Wellsun Corp., Autodesk Taiwan, Gotop Information Inc., Nan Ya Plastics Corp., Mega Master Technology Corp., Puda Industry Corp., Bio architecture Formosana, Shu Chang & associates, architects, Harvest Fun International Corp., Donacai Industries Corp., Minjoint Plastic Crop., Plastics Industry Development Center, EHS ArchiLab + Hsuyuan Kuo Architects & Associates, Pauian Archiland, Ching Chyau Corp., and Ching Architectures. Together we are the representative team of Taiwan, showcasing the collaboration of prominent innovations and industry accomplishments. In the era of pandemics, it is team TDIS’s belief that city life should be comfy, green, and affordable. “1 House for All” presents vision in action.

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