Once Again Reprepresenting Taiwan, Student Team From NCTU Provides A Greener Living Solution, House For All Participating SDE, A World-Renowned Olympic Architectural Competition

The Team Transdisciplinary Design Innovation Shop (Team TDIS) from National Chiao Tung University (NCTU) was selected as one of the 18 teams to compete against each other in the “Solar Decathlon Europe 2021” around the world. It is also expected to go to Wuppertal, Germany in May 2022 as the only team representing Taiwan.

While going international, Team TDIS has kept spreading the seeds of Sustainable Lifestyle around Taiwan. Unfortunately, the Covid-19 pandemic outbreak has escalated since 19 May. The level 3 epidemic alert is announced nationwide. All indoor activity involving more than 5 people and outdoor activity involving more than 10 people are not allowed. People are not encouraged to go outside; WFH (work from home) becomes a trendy necessity. Although offline activities have become impossible, we started an online campaign on social media to close the gap
between people and surroundings. The seven-day Instagram story challenge called “One Small Step of Sustainable Life, Together We Go Far!“ started on World Environment Day on 5 June. During the one month campaign, the public will get tips on how to make small efforts to support a sustainable city through 7 simple missions we designed. In addition, Team TDIS plans to construct the house demonstration unit of “House For All”’, the building design for the competition, in NCTU starting from 2 August. We expect to provide a visible and touchable space for
visitors to get the impression of the comfort and sustainability in a future lifestyle scenario by autumn.

“In an era of pandemics, society urgently demands a safer, healthier and comfortable living space. To respond to this demand, Team TDIS proposes an energy-saving, sustainable architecture prototype “House for All”. It closes not only the gap in the city space, but also the gap of heart between indifferent urban dwellers.”

— C. David Tseng, the faculty advisor of Team TDIS

“House For All” is not only the result of Team TDIS’s research effort, it’s a combination of different fields in Taiwan. In terms of building materials, we have become technical partners with National Taiwan University Experimental Forest and the “Heat Insulation Solar Glass” team from National Taiwan University of Technology. Also, in the recent visit to the “Sustainable Materials Library” in the Plastics Industry Development Center, we learn more about green building material providers, and are inviting Circular Taiwan Network to become a partner conveying sustainable issues. We continue connecting more R&D results in Taiwan.

The theme of the competition is “urban”, a field with gradual increase in population and with all walks of life. To respond to the three observed urban issues: overcrowdedness, climate crisis and social alienation, Team TDIS has developed “party core wall” for space efficient living, “equality skin” to promote sustainable living and “civic plate” for neighborhood life support. Because of the design that combines social housing justice and energy-saving building technology, “House For All”, a modular universal and sustainable living solution that can meet all the needs for everyone, was favored by the judges and was selected as a “Living Lab”, a long-term experimental display base on Wutterpal, Germany. After the competition, it will remain on the original site from July 2022 to September 2025 and continue to demonstrate that Taiwan’s creative designs and manufacturing techniques established us as a key-holder in the global green building field.


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