Once Again Representing Taiwan to Participating SDE, Student Team from NCTU Invite the Public to Visit the House Demonstration Unit of a Greener Smarter Future Living Solution “1 House for All”

As the only team representing Taiwan, the Team Transdisciplinary Design Innovation Shop (Team TDIS) from National Chiao Tung University (NCTU) was selected as one of the 18 teams to compete against each other in the “Solar Decathlon Europe 2021” around the world. Before going abroad to stand on the international stage, Team TDIS invites Taiwanese public first to visit the house demonstration unit (HDU) of “1 House For All”, the building design for the competition. This HDU can provide a visible and touchable space for visitors to get the impression of comfort and sustainability in a future lifestyle scenario designed by this team and is expected to open to the public in springtime, 2022.

“There should be some energy-saving methods which are more effective and comfortable.”

— Sheng-Kai Tseng, the Project Manager of Team TDIS

As part of the global village, Taiwan is facing serious environmental and social problems: urban heat islands, urban flooding, and air pollution. With the escalation of extreme weather conditions worldwide, the urban population’s living conditions have become increasingly grim. To respond to the three pervasively observed urban issues: “overcrowdedness”, “climate crisis” and “social alienation”, Team TDIS has developed “Party Core Wall” for space efficient living, “Equality Skin” to promote sustainable living and “Civic Plate” for neighborhood life support. To conclude, in the era of pandemics, the demands of a safe and comfortable life with clean energy architecture are more imminent than ever. Therefore, Team TDIS presents a new greener living solution “1 House for All”. It answers to people’s calling and the time’s calling as an universal residential building prototype suitable for various site conditions.

Based on the features above, “1 House for All” was favored by the SDE judges and was selected as a “Living Lab”, a long-term experimental display based on Wutterpal, Germany. After the competition, it will remain on the original site from July 2022 to September 2025 and continue to demonstrate that Taiwan’s creative designs and manufacturing techniques established us as a key-holder in the global green building field.

In addition to being favored by the SDE judges, “1 House for All” has also received media attention and was exposed in the latest episode (No.117) of Orchina magazine. The core theme of this episode was “Harmony and Co-prosperity between Mankind and Nature”. Being an ideal house to respond to the magazine theme, the story of “1 House for All” is positioned between the stories
of Industrial Technology Research Institute and TAIPOWER D/S ONE. The former is a world-leading applied technology research institute whose mission is to enhance social well-being through technology R&D; and the latter is Taiwan’s first green energy brand under Taiwan Power Company, the biggest power company, now seeking a rebrand by promoting renewable energy and green smart future.

Team TDIS has been actively hosting communication events to deliver the concept of sustainable and smart future housing scenarios. The team has successfully spread the seeds among three different groups: the general public, universities, and school children. To raise social awareness of sustainable building to the public, the team cooperated with “Society of Wilderness”, the most
influential environmental protection organization in Taiwan, to hold an online lecture. Over a hundred people attended and left us passionate feedback. Also, the project manager Sheng-Kai Tseng gave a talk on “SDGs Webinar” which was held by Center for International Research & Data Analytics of NCTU, to pass the sustainable thinking to more research teams and students. Last but not the least, the team held a creative energy education workshop, “Little Green Fighters on a Mission,” for a local elementary school and has received good feedback from both the kids, the parents and the teacher.

In order to make the co-prosperity living solution come ture, we collaborated with NTU Experimental Forest and Plastics Industry Development Center (PIDC). NTU Experimental Forest provides domestic Cryptomeria japonica woods so the team could make the first mass timber private housing come true. The team also has a breakthrough on using jesmonite, a natural environmentally friendly material that can interact with the environment, as the wall building material. The current experimental data of jesmonite is quite good. It is worth mentioning that we use recycled rubber provided by PIDC as the base to install jesmonite on the wall. These recycled materials are very strong and durable, making them wonderful choices to be reusable and sustainable building parts.

It is expected that in Spring 2022, the construction of the HDU of “1 House for All” will be completed in NCTU campus and will be attracting local crowds and academia attention with our PR events. The HDU will then be dismantled and shipped to Wuppertal, Germany in May 2022, to participate in the SDE competition.