Student Team From NCTU Taiwan Provides A Greener Living Solution: House For All for SDE Olympic architectural competition

The Team Transdisciplinary Design Innovation Shop (Team TDIS) from National Chiao Tung University (NCTU) was selected as one of the 18 teams in the “Solar Decathlon Europe 2021” around the world. It is also expected to go to Wuppertal, Germany in May 2022 as the only team from Taiwan.

Because of the design that combines social housing justice and energy-saving building technology, “House For All” was favored by the judges and was selected as “Living Lab”, a long-term experimental display base. After the competition, it will remain on the original site for three to five years and continue to demonstrate Taiwan’s design and manufacturing capabilities in the key town of global green building.

“In the era of pandemics, a safe and comfortable life is an immediate requirement. A socially distant neighborhood would greatly benefit from clean energy-saving architecture as pointed out by the team; and it would have a heightened need for interpersonal interactions.”

— C. David Tseng, the faculty advisor of Team TDIS

The theme of the competition is “urban”, the field with gradual increase in population. To respond to the three observed topics: overcrowded, climate crisis and separate society, Team TDIS has developed “party core wall” for space efficient living, “equality skin” to promote sustainable living and “civic plate” for neighborhood life support. The above concepts are based on design thinking of circular and universal. “One House For All” is aimed to provide a modular universal and sustainable house that can meet all the needs for everyone.

The urban issues that One House For All is trying to solve are not only the problems faced by Taipei and Taiwan, butalso the huge issues that the world is facing. In addition, the population structure in cities covers all age groups and occupations, and everyone has different needs and lifestyles. The motivation of Team TDIS to participate in SDE21
is that taking this opportunity to communicate with society and arouse social awareness through the design of our project. It is hoped that through the ” circular and universal design”, One House For All will become a greener living solution for everyone.

Team TDIS held a SDE21 participating announcement press conference on February 25th, and it is expected to build a prototype house on the campus this summer. It is currently actively preparing for all the pre-work, such as various system design simulations, innovative materials and work tests, and the skills and licenses training of various local safety sanitation. After the construction of prototype housing, the field verification work will begin. Various building efficacy will be tested for all kinds of construction performance, including energy consumption, comfort, construction function and so on. It is expected to achieve good results for Taiwan, and break through the best results of the team!


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