In Taipei,Taiwan, there are numbers of old and structurally unsafe buildings,waiting for renewal. Most of these buildings were row houses and apartments built in the 1970s. They were made of RC, which is not an environmental friendly material nowadays. Government has been encouraging citizens to rebuild their houses through land integration. Many landholders had torn down their buildings. But the average time of processing the renewal is 10 years.That created many gaps in our neighborhood.


  • By the year 2100, the 7.6 billion people currently living on earth will reach, according to the UN, a whopping 11.2 billion. This increase can only mean that the need to accommodate these people’s demand for resources, food, and housing will become an urgent priority. Taipei is the most overcrowded city in Taiwan, density over 40,000 per square meters. These situations lead to an even poorer living condition if we didn’t immediately suggest a well-being living model.
  • During the 21st Century, West Europe countries are threatened by record breaking heat waves each year. Even though Taiwan is surrounded by ocean and is 70% covered with rugged, densely forested mountains, the heat wave is still unbearable. The Urban Heat Island Effect also causes
    people mental and physical problems. Urban areas full of concrete buildings make the situation even worse. We urgently need a new solution to face this crisis.
  • Nowadays, many individuals dwell in the city separately, occupying the houses in their tiny bedrooms subdivided from the old family house. The public social space is replaced by an excessive number of utilities and circulation space.

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1 House for All

Team TDIS from Taiwan believes that good designs sprout from the sincere response to people’s true needs, and are best executed by transdisciplinary teamwork.

This is how we imagine housing for the future and innovative measures we want to take. To combate “Energy Over-consumption”, “Inefficient Urban Renewal” and “Housing Injustice”, we propose an integrated sustainable solution that could be replicated everywhere– “1 House for All.” It is not only a Net Zero Mid-way House, but also a Social Enterprise-Housing, and an Energy-Efficient Sharing Station of the city.

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Net Zero Mid-way House

To close the urban gaps, “1 House for All” will be the Net Zero Mid-way House that minimizes carbon footprint and accelerates low carbon urban regeneration.

Energy-Efficient Sharing Station

To close the gaps in the building material cycle and energy systems, “1 House for All'' has to be the energy-efficient sharing stations in the city.

Social Enterprise-Housing

To close the gaps of different generations of city dwellers, “1 House for All” will be operated under a social enterprise business model while self-sustaining as a social housing.


We held a lot of activities such as press conference, exhibition to share our design and ideas for the public. Through different medias such as social media, radio and magazine, we reach more people we have never reach than before. School children, general public, industry, and NGOs are all our target groups. By these activities, we believe that people gain more environmental awareness after knowing us.

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[activity] Press Conference & Campus Exhibition

We held a press conference and a exhibition in campus in February, 2021. It showed that we will represent Taiwan participating in SDE21/22 competition in the summer, 2022. It is our first time showing our research and design in public through a campus exhibition. To show our determination, we also invite several medias and sponsors to announce our future planning in the press conference, .

[radio station] IC975-Love Hsinchu Radio Interview

IC975 is a radio station in Taiwan, established to create high quality media, and has been recognized several times by the GBA(Golden Bell Awards)(the highest goal pursued by Taiwan entertainers and media organizations). Project Manager Sheng-Kai TSENG was interviewed to introduce the past achievement of TDIS and this year’s competition. It is broadcast on radio on February 26,2022.。


[magazine] Orchina Column

Orchina is a travel magazine published monthly that introduces culture and tourist spots. It has published over 70,000 hard copies and also launched on electronic platforms. Orchia spends four pages introducing the TSMC x NCTU Energy Education Center which is called “Ideal House” and the past achievements of TDIS in SDE. And it shows TDIS gets the ticket to compete against each other in the Solar Decathlon Europe 21/22 • Wuppertal and the concept of 1 House for All. Let the public see TDIS.